'Forest Spirit' is an exciting, action-packed yarn: adventure, mystery, magic, suspense, spiritualism, Aboriginal and Australian culture, and a cast of interesting characters including a wombat and a German Shepherd.
                 Jacinta Kelly (Jars), a part Aboriginal girl living in the Northern Territory who is orphaned when a buffalo charges her family’s ute, tragically killing her mother, father and brother.  Because she has no other family members in the NT, she is sent to live with her uncle, aunt and cousin (Snook) in Tasmania.

Snook and Jars quickly become friends, and along with Quenton Quigley, the annoying but not altogether bad son of the mayor of the area, they have an adventure when they go camping in the forest with Snook’s father.  Jars meets the Forest Spirit – an apparition that has appeared in her dreams, and now asks for her help to uncover a secret in the Tasmanian bush. 

Jars, her cousin Snook and the bumbling Quenton Quigley begin and adventure in the wilderness that takes many unexpected twists and turns!  At the end of the story, the mystery of Jars’ dream of an ancient man who later appears in a rock carving in a forest cave is solved.  Jars also begins to overcome the grief of losing her family as she learns that they will always be with her.

'Forest Spirit' is the first young adult novel in the 'Forest' trilogy.


     Several things happen on the eve of the long weekend:  Jars Kelly and her cousin Snook are accused of stealing some valuable gem stones from the local jewellers; strange lights are seen hovering above their town, Cray Bay; and the bumbling Quenton Quigley stumbles across a riddle that could lead them to a hidden treasure.

    To find out what the riddle means, an adventure full of mystery, excitement and intrigue, plus lots of twists and turns, begins. It all takes place in a dense Tasmanian rain forest where Jars and Snook accidently meet an old Chinese prospector called Wu Han who has a secret, the secret of the riddle.

     That’s when the fun begins. There is a race between their old enemies the Grimshaws, the smelly visitors from outer space known as The Collectors and the Kelly kids. 

     Why are The Collectors lurking in the forest and why is Wu Han so afraid of them? Who will be the first to solve the riddle and find the treasure? Why is their Headmaster in for a big surprise when school resumes after the long weekend?

     'Forest Shadows' is the 2nd young adult novel in the 'Trilogy' series.

Forest Secrets

     A rhotosaurus, a phantom kid, a ghost mountain and a Bushman Extraordinaire, called Reginald Blowhard, all come together to form David Laing’s latest tale, ‘Forest Secrets’,the third book of his trilogy for young adults.

     The protagonist is a young Aboriginal girl called Jars, who, along with her faithful dog, Shadow and her tearaway cousin, Snook, embark on an adventure neither will forget.  On an impulse, they enter the Cray Bay photographic competition, which takes them to the Gorge Camping Ground. And that’s when their plans are shattered – by an eerie and sudden darkness that come over the gorge.

     But that’s not all – they are visited by a cheeky possum called Charlie, their bothersome camping companion, Reginald Blowhard finds himself in strife in lots of ways and, along the way, our heroes just happen to discover The Find of the Century.

     Laing’s new novel, like his other books in the ‘Forest’ trilogy, stands on its own but is a perfect companion, not to be missed, lovely but spooky adventure story for young readers.

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Margaret Muir | Reply 12.08.2013 00.55

I look forward to reading your third book - well done.

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12.08 | 00:55

I look forward to reading your third book - well done.

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